blending and filling experts

Advanced Water Purification

Water is de-ionized by reverse osmosis followed by ozone disinfection

Equipped for Efficiency

with 26 bulk storage tanks, 17 blending tanks and 10 versatile filling lines

Custom Formulating & Blending

More than 75 million pounds of product annually


  • 224,000 gallons bulk storage capacity, including 105,000 of which are stainless steel
  • Fully diked tanker unload at rear of facility supports both tank farms
  • 9 dock doors for shipping & receiving
  • Stainless steel and sanitary design blending tanks
  • Jacketed blending tanks for steam heating and water cooling
  • Mixing tanks mounted on load cells are supported by a variety of pre-mix tanks, variable speed pumps and homogenizers, as well as powder dispersing equipment
  • Each batching tank has matching line feed tank for constant product flow


  • Filling lines feed directly from tanks in the blending area
  • Higher speed 32 head rotary fillers for medium viscosity laundry, dish and other detergents
  • Higher speed 24 head rotary fillers for low viscosity foaming liquids
  • Higher speed 8 head rotary fillers for high viscosity creams, pastes and gels
  • Form, fill & seal packet filling
  • Shrink sleeve labelers
  • Automatic L Bar with Shrink Tunnel
  • Kitting and Assembly Conveyors
  • Alloyd – 6-Station Blister Machine
  • Lepel Induction Sealers
  • Pressure Sensitive Labelers
  • Continuous efficiency tracking and analysis