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Quality Assurance at Premiere Packaging

Premiere Packaging uses Statistical Process Control methods to ensure that all products and packaging meet our customers' specifications.  Our quality control systems and Standard Operating Procedures provide our customers with a high level of confidence and contribute to keeping our costs low.

We utilize Quality Window software to collect and analyze all SPC data in real-time.
SPC-trained quality assurance technicians collect, monitor, and evaluate all pertinent data relevant to formulation and packaging.
Premiere has a fully staffed 1,250 sq. ft. laboratory equipped for testing raw materials and finished product. Basic wet chemistry, as well as GC and HPLC analysis provides a comprehensive evaluation of all formulations. We also have a fully operational micro lab capable of TVO testing used in monitoring microbiological contamination.
Premiere has an accurate and easily traceable lot numbering system with flexibility to meet specific customer requirements
Retain storage of finished goods for shelf life evaluation of products


X-bar&R; and median charting for variable measurement
p, np charting for attribute measurement
process capability analysis (i.e. cpK); Tz and Cr tracking
Real time data collection for:
Fill weights
Label attributes
Titration, viscosity, solids, micro testing, high performance Liquid and Gas chromatograph measurements.


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