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Premiere has an expansive filling area with eight filling lines feeding directly from the tanks in our blending area:

Two higher speed 32 head rotary fillers (40-120 bpm) for medium viscosity laundry, dish and automotive detergents
Three higher speed 24 head rotary fillers (40-120 bpm) for low viscosity foaming liquids
Two higher speed 8 head rotary fillers (30-90 bpm) for high viscosity crèmes, pastes and gels
Two in-line fillers (20-60 bpm) for shorter runs of low viscosity products and vial filling


Plastic bottles from ¼ oz to up to 2 ½ gallons
Thin foamy liquids to thick pastes and creams
Shrink Sleeve, Pressure Sensitive and Promotional labeling
Automatic capping and trigger sprayer tightening
Ink jet coding, induction sealing, and hot/cold glue

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