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Deionized Water

Sanitary Design Blending

Ozone treated Process Water

Premiere has a large, explosion proof blending area supported by both inside and outside bulk storage tank farms.
Blending capacity includes 12 SS mixing tanks, totaling 35,000 gallons of capacity with finished product storage to match.
Six jacketed tanks for steam heating and cold water cooling.
Mixing tanks mounted on load cells and supported by a variety of pre-mix tanks, variable speed pumps and homogenizers, and powder dispersing equipment.
Explosion proof Lightning mixers from 7.5 up to 25 hp.


Viscosities ranging from water-like foaming liquids to pastes and gels up to one million cps.
Batch sizes ranging from 500 to 4,000 gallons
Water and solvent-based emulsions to surfactants and oxidizers

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